Bridgeport Tabernacle SDA church started out of a tent crusade by our mother church - Calvary SDA church in Bridgeport, CT under the leadership of Pastor Stephen Williams. Major contributors were the Norwalk SDA church in Norwalk, CT under the leadership of Pastor Rudolph Peters and Ephraim SDA church in Bridgeport, CT under the leadership of Pastor Henoc Paulicin.

  • Our church was organized through a tent crusade in the summer of 2002.

  • We baptized 141 souls for the kingdom through the ministry of Calvary SDA Church PM Leader Joe Davis and his team/members, and Evangelist Conklin Gentry and his team with additional assistance from the Norwalk SDA church members and many others.

  • Of the 141 that were baptized only 46 became members of BT upon it open as a mission.

  • The church was named by Elder Nicardo Delahaye, now Pastor Nicardo Delahaye, Elder Joe Davis and his wife Evron Davis.

  • Our grand opening had around 1000 people in attendance.

  • Founding members: Pastor Rudoph Peters, Joe & Evron Davis, Maxine Murray, and Conrad & Petra Rabathaly.

  • After the tent crusade was over, the church had met in various places. Pastor Rudolph Peters located a place of worship for just 2 hours on Sabbath and 1.5 hours for Wednesday night prayer service. We rented from Trinity Pentecostal Church on Florence Street in Bridgeport, CT in the month of August of 2002.

  • Our second location was at Harding High School on Central Avenue in Bridgeport, CT. It happens again, we were not allowed to worship there for long, after several months of searching for a church home on the East side of Bridgeport CT. We stayed there for 3 months, not renewable per the Board of Education’s new policy.

  • It seemed every door closed until God sent us to the West side!

  • Elder Joe Davis and his wife Evron Davis were sent by God to Clinton Ave in Bridgeport, CT. Their car stopped right in front of this magnificent building, the church was closed on that day but Evron Davis got out of the car and laid hands on the church and claimed it in the name of Jesus!

  • That same week after Evron Davis made her call to the church clerk and Elder Joe Davis spoke with the Head Elder of the church an appointment was agreed upon and Pastor Rudolph Peters, Elder Joe Davis and Sister Evron Davis met with Elder Szoar and their church clerk. Once an agreement was made to rent to us, we met with their trustees, where Elder Davis gave the history of our church and beliefs. The floor was open and the trustees asked several question to Elder Joe Davis. Sister Petra Rabathaly sang a wonderful song that moved the trustees which sealed the deal.

  • We were blessed to rent First United Church of Christ. Unknown to Pastor Rudolph Peters, Ervon and Joe Davis, The members of First United Church of Christ were the same people that sold their old church to Calvary SDA church some 30 or 40 years ago. Proof that God led us to this place. We were allowed to worship all day Sabbath and Wednesday nights.

  • Elder Davis and Pastor Rudolph Peters spoke with Elder Szoar their Head Elder about purchasing the church in the future, a purchase contract was signed and a deposit made with a time in the future as the execution date for the contract.

  • The Conference Executive Committee voted to approve the request of the Calvary SDA church for the organization of the Bridgeport Tabernacle Mission into a church.

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